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Billy 02 mp3 63 KIDD Sweeper 1978 B. Moore
Billy 03 mp3 Billy Moore Web Demo 1 1980's B. Moore
Billy 04 mp3 Billy Moore WBLI Shout/Crank it up! 1980's B. Moore
Billy 05 mp3 Moore On Hold Demo 1990's B. Moore
Billy 06 mp3 Billy Moore Voiceover Demo 1980's B. Moore
Billy 07 mp3 Billy Moore Movie Trailers Demo 2003 various
Billy 08 mp3 Gonzo Advertising Demo - Chicago 1981 B. Moore/J. Curtis
Billy 09 mp3 Caboose Productions Out Takes  1990's Bowman / Such
Billy 10 mp3 WZPL-FM Promos 1991 J. George
Billy 11 mp3 WZPL-FM Promos part 2 1991 J. George
Billy 12 mp3 WZPL-FM Billy's holiday greeting 1991 J. George
Billy 13 mp3 Scott Lindy Farewell to Billy 2005 S. Lindy
Billy 14 mp3 WPOC - My name is Billy 1990's WPOC
Billy 15 mp3 WPOC - Billy It's more! 1990's WPOC
Billy 16 mp3 WPOC - Your Story 1990's WPOC
Billy 17 mp3 WPOC - Movie 1990's WPOC
Billy 18 mp3 WPOC - Springtime in Baltimore 1990's WPOC
Billy 19 mp3 TourDesign - Billy Moore Bloopers Composite 1984-86 P. Saetre
Billy 20 TV TourDesign - INXS Concert TV Ad 1987 P. Saetre
Billy 21 TV TourDesign - Hall & Oates Concert TV Ad 1988 P. Saetre
Billy 22 TV TourDesign - Scorpions TV ad (Nick & Billy) 1988 P. Saetre
Billy 23 TV TourDesign - Yngwie Malmsteen TV Ad 1988 P. Saetre
Billy 24 mp3 TourDesign - David Lee Roth Concert spot 1986 P. Saetre
Billy 25 mp3 TourDesign - Iron Maiden Concert spot 1988 P. Saetre

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